Baba God NoNi!!

Lord we bless your name for today…. for your protection , guidance and provision… we just wanna say thank YOU # BaBa # ..have you thank Him today… Please Do if You haven’t…… Do have a lovely night rest Palz….One~Love



Let me use this privilege to inform both Fans and Friends of the Twin-sax, that will like to promote or tell to their friends ,family and loved ones, immediate and wide environment …about us to which in turn will enhance the propagation of the gospel and our Lord Jesus Christ through our Music and most especially through this our Facebook Page ..Image

‘Ayodele Taye Kehinde aka Twinsax‘ Here’s an Opportunity for you !…. if you are interested just drop a comment on this message and choose the area you will want to Act..and we will make you be…

Here are the areas available

1. Manager
2. Content creator
3. Moderator
4. Advertiser
5. Insight Analyzer

note: 3 people from each state…. which implies that the first 3…are the ones to be considered in each state 

by: The Management


Love is a verb – an action word.

Love is a verb – an action word. It means giving of yourself for someone else’s benefit. If you love someone: TELL them HELP them SHARE their dreams ENCOURAGE them and on, and on, and on, and on…..! And it means that as you give you don’t expect anything in return. Oh sometimes you’ll get wonderful things in return but it is best not to expect to get anything. Actually, it’s in the giving that we get back blessings in abundance whether the object of our giving ever says so much as a thank you….”One Love

when you make a mistake, unfortunately, the critics

when you make a mistake, unfortunately, the critics and naysayers come out from their hidings. People will tell you, “you’re all washed up, it’s too late,” if you wear that label, it will keep you from the amazing future God has in store, God says, “My mercy is bigger than any mistake.” God says, ” i can still get you to your destiny.” God says, ” i will give you beauty for those ashes, I’ll pay you back double for the unfair things that have happened.”you wouldn’t be alive unless God had another victory in your Future.  why don’t you take off the “washed up” label? take off the “failure,” “guilty,” “condemned” labels and put on some new labels: “redeemed, restored, forgiven, bright future, new beginning.”

Easy to Access

Easy to Access


This is the link to the Advert of the birthday jamz track……

\so many pple av being complaining of not being able to download the advert….we’r seriously working on aw to rectify the … problem…./sorry for the inconveniences … pls do bear with us….u can follow this link for a better and easier accessibility….****thnks for those of u that av listen to it…ur comments are encouraging ….we love ya all…..One love******

Hot Track! – Twinsax ft Supreme Mc Brity

yes! yeS!! YoR!!!… here comes wat you guyz have been waitn for.. you knw what it is…*birthdaei jamz*… by the Twinsax ft Mc /3rity himselv…. the tip of the ice berg is yet to be uploaded…bu will be, very soon…. am sure you knw how to track it down (i mean how to download or listen)…..if you dnt….feel free to drop a comment and I will put you tru……TruSt mei is a must hear track…. the twinSax in another dimension entirely…… One Love